Saturday, January 3, 2009

Product Review - Spellbinders

For Christmas I received a set of Spellbinders from my kids. I had not heard of them before, but I was intrigued. They are a multi-purpose little thing. You can use them as die-cuts, to emboss, or as a stencil. While they are designed for a specific die-cutting machine, they can be used in most of the die-cutting or embossing machines on the market. I have the Cuttlebug, so I went to and found out how to use these with my machine. I had everything I needed for die-cutting, but there is a special mat that you need to use them for embossing. My LSS didn't have any in stock, but they are going to let me know when they come in.

Anyway, today I used the Spellbinders circular die called Pinking Circles ( It comes with six size templates to the package so you can layer them. I chose to use the smallest one which is about an inch across. Then I punched a whole in the middle and put a large brad through the center. It made a cute embellishment for my layout.

The Spellbinder die was really easy to use, and I love the fact that I could use it with my Cuttlebug that I already have. I can't wait to get the mat so that I can use it for embossing. If you have used this product, let me know what you think about it.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Crafting saves my sanity

I don't know about you, but crafting saves my sanity. If I have had a particularly bad day at work, sitting at my desk and creating a scrapbook layout or card or trying a new technique can help me get my sanity back. It is calming, and I find that whatever was bothering me has left my mind and brought the tension away with it.

When I craft, it is all about what I want and what I think will work best. I don't have to argue with anyone about the right thing to do like when I am at work. I don't have to compromise with anyone about any design decisions. I just play with my stuff and see what happens. Sometimes I have a game plan and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I like what I come up with and sometimes I don’t. Whether I like the results of my crafting session isn’t always as important as what it does for my mind and my well-being. As long as it takes care of those two things, all is good with the world.

On a related note, just going through and organizing my paper and embellishments and tools has the same effect as if I had organized my life. I feel better about my surroundings, even if the rest of my world is still in chaos.

So the next time you have a bad day or feel like you have no control over your life or your surroundings, try making a card, sorting your paper, or going through your embellishments to see what you have. You may find that by the time you are done your state of mind has moved to a better location. Try it and let me know the results.