Monday, June 1, 2009

Daily June Specials from Close To My Heart

Hi Everyone,

Beginning today at 9:00 am through the end of June, CTMH will be having a "Deal-a-Day" promotion! Each day a new deal will be posted at 9:00 and will be available until 8:00 the next day. No need to rush right in at 9:00 though because CTMH has assured us that there is plenty of stock!

There are two types of deals:

1. By a stamp set and get a free gift. Shipping on these deals is $3.00

2. Mystery box - these boxes will be loaded with goodies and will sell for at least 50% off retail! Shipping on these boxes will be at a discount rate, but it will depend on the deal exactly how much it will be. (Here's an idea - order a mystery box with a friend and when it arrives, take turns selecting your items from the box!)

Each day one or the other of these types of deals will be available on my website: my website. Once you are there, just select "Shop Online" in the left-hand navigation bar and then choose "June Deal-a-Day."

In order for CTMH to offer the special shipping rates, you may only order one special at a time and may not add other items from the site to the order. However, you can come back and order additional specials.

I hope you enjoy the specials - I know I intend to!


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