Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bad weather days = crafting days

I don't know about you, but bad weather doesn't get me down as long as I can stay home and craft. Raining out in the middle of summer? That's ok, we can always stamp something. Snowing out? Let's work on our scrapbooks while daddy and big brother shovel the driveway. This logic works for me. The only one I couldn't figure out was how I could do much crafting when the power went out. There were too many other things that needed to be done during daylight, and scrapbooking by candle light could be frightful in the light of day.

I can see it now. "Oh, in the candlelight that looked like pink. I didn't realize it was bright orange paper!" I suppose we could have made a game of it to see who came up with the ugliest scrapbook page designed in the flickering glow of candlelight.

How about you - do you get to craft during the bad weather?

Well it may be snowing and I may be at home, but I am suppose to be working. Maybe the process I was waiting on is almost done and I can get back to work. The sooner that happens, the sooner I can finish and maybe work on a scrapbook layout.



Jen said...

I haven't done enough crafting when the weather is lousy. I think that will be my New Year's resolution! It may be nasty out, but I'll end up with something pretty (or at least useful) when it's done. I'm thinking of working on Christmas cards for next year tonight, since I'm still in the festive frame of mind.

Clydene said...


What a great resolution. And starting with Christmas cards is always fun and useful. Just don't lose them between now and the end of the year ;-)